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Many times after listening to people debate, or comment regarding the Word of God, I often wonder and say to myself, do they even read the Bible, do they even know anything about the Word of God? I wonder how many people have actually read the Bible completely through? I’m not talking about reading a few verses, and typically they are the same well-known always referred to verses. Like John 3:16, arguably one of the most well-known verse of all? But I wonder if most even realise what it actually is saying? One word that is likely overlooked, it probably isn’t even noticed? The word is: (Should), as in ‘Should’ Not Perish.   I wonder if most people believe that they are completely saved based on that verse and what it says? However, it does not offer any guarantee of salvation as in, (Shall) not perish. But it shouldn’t end there. In fact, that is just part of the elementary beginnings to start living for Jesus. There is always an ‘action’ that is required on the part of everyone to achieve, in becoming a born again child of God.  You see, I was once, one of ‘those people’ that didn’t know enough of what the Word of God is saying, or even read the Bible completely through. But now, since I committed my life to Jesus, I have actually read the Bible completely through now. And I have managed to completely read it through several more times as well. My heart is completely in it. I now know that it requires praying to Jesus and asking Him to reveal the truth of His Word to me, to give me understanding and knowledge. I know that God’s word is not to be interpreted. So we must pray for revelation before taking on the task of reading The Bible. I make it part of my everyday prayer to Jesus, and thank Him always for giving me revelation to know His Word in truth, to have knowledge and wisdom and insight. To be enlightened with the truth of His Word is so fantastic, a complete joy, an ecstatic feeling that words just can’t describe. There is nothing else like it, other than of course, having the Holy Spirit of Jesus with you. I made it my personal mission to find the truth, to know the truth. So now, it’s my journey to continue to know every truth of God’s Word. I’m greedy to want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I don’t want to be deceived. Don’t you want the truth? Don’t you want to know the truth? You can have this too!