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My intent to remain anonymous is purely honourable. I developed this blog with the intent to strictly make this about Jesus and nothing else. To help as many people in the world as I possibly can to bring the Word of God in a way that will hopefully be encouraging and enlightening enough to see the truth of God’s Word. This blog is not about me, that is why I choose to remain anonymous. My aim is to bring an honest and sincere presentation of the Word of God. That is why I believe in praying to Jesus for the truth of His Word by revealing to me as I read His word, or by someone else confirming His Word. I will offer Scriptures with everything I write to not only back up what I am saying or presenting as the truth, but to prove that what I am saying is the truth from the Word of God. To gain the knowledge and wisdom I need to fully exhibit a full and complete Christian walk with Christ, is to ask Jesus to reveal His Word in truth to me in prayer. Pray for revelation. Pray to Jesus that He reveals to you the truth of His Word. Pray to Jesus that you won’t be deceived. Pray for knowledge and wisdom. Pray for enlightenment of His Word. Pray, pray, pray! God’s Word is not open for interpretation. Interpretation of God’s Word is a fallacy and a strategic tool that Satan has used to divide people from the truth. That is why there are so many false beliefs and denominations of Christianity which should not be! We are all to be of one mind, of the same mind, to have the mind of Christ, and to be in one accord. There is only one truth and Jesus gave us His Holy Spirit which is truth and will lead us to all truth. Thank you