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Most people in the world believe in a god, that there is a supreme higher power. It’s just that most do not believe in The One True Living God? Although many that believe in a god, believe that their god is the One True God? How can this be? How can we differentiate between everyone’s god and the One Real True God? The other side of this is: who says that the One Real True God that we believe in, is the One Real True God? Well, we shall see? First of all, let’s clear up any potential confusion on what God I believe in! I believe in the One Real True God of Israel, the God that created the heavens and the earth and everything on the earth, Man, animals, birds, mammals, and the fish of the sea. Also the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, the universe etc. Everything that we know to have been created by God, the God of Israel, the Old Testament God. I also believe that Jesus is the Son of the True Living God that created all things, is the One Real True Living God! Why do I believe in the God of Israel, and Jesus and not in some other god? Because no other god has ever come forward with what the God of Israel has come up with. That being, His Word that we have in the Bible. There is no other record of any other god that has come forward to claim that they created the heavens and the earth and everything else associated with this? There is no other god that has offered eternal life for those that believe and do His will. Yes, I know that this same God also has hell for those that do not believe in Him. But then again, no other god has offered up anything like this, eternal life with Jesus, or eternal suffering separate from Jesus. What other god has given us these things? None to my knowledge? Other than Jesus, the One True Living God, what other god or man has claimed to be the Son of the True Living God? None once again to my knowledge? One thing that stands out is, the gods that are believed in from all the various religions, have been hand-made by man. But the God that we believe in, Jesus, there are no hand-made objects that we look at sitting on a shelf or desk, or hold in our hands and worship. Jesus is the God that cannot be man-made to display on a shelf or hang on a rearview mirror, or made to be handled by hand. My God is spiritual, and mighty in power and is in control of everything. In fact, my Jesus speaks to me, He abides inside of me, to where I can feel His presence, His Spiritual presence. The Word of God that I read is alive. It brings forth truth upon reading His Word of Life. So, does your god speak to you? Do you feel your god inside of you? Does your god promise you eternal life? Does your god heal you of all diseases and illnesses? I know that we all know the answer to these questions? Of course the answers are NO! None of your gods live, or breathe, or speak, or promises eternal life! But our God and Jesus supplies all our needs to those that believe in Him! We can adamantly say that Jesus is God and that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, because He gives us of His Spirit in which we can feel for proof. And He speaks to us as well. What has your god done for you?