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As in any year, the Truth remains viable! The Truth is God’s Word, The Truth is Jesus, The Truth is The Holy Spirit! The Truth is always viable every year, every month, every day. I implore everyone who doesn’t know Jesus and the Truth, to seek Jesus and Him for the Truth. I am confident that this blog will help you. But know this, don’t just take anyone’s word for being the truth, it is your responsibility to know the truth for yourself. Don’t just rely on someone else without confirming the truth for yourself. I offer my post and page, ‘Knowledge by Revelation’ for you to see what the Word of God says. I hope this will help you. Also, if you check my “Thank you to all of you” post, you will see that I have named a few others that offer the truth of God’s Word as well. Check everything out, but most of all, pray to God, pray to Jesus, ask that Jesus bless you with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and the TRUTH of God’s Word! Thank you.