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In a world full of hate, evil, corruption, and the continual donning of false doctrine, it is no wonder why this world lays stricken helplessly in the mire. On top of that, you have many believing in a false denominational Jesus doctrine, and a radical religion that emulates Satan in the name of their false god, as both being, the problem and the answer to the world’s failures, poor, greed, corruption and evil. While the evil minority Leaders conduct their nefarious heinous plots behind closed doors and then unveil their strategically diabolical systematic schemes in plain sight throughout the world, the majority remains stagnant. Ever since the fall of man, there has clearly been evil predominately throughout the ages. The answer to all this, along with redemption and salvation has been God, The God that created man, this world, the heavens, the stars, planets and everything else in and around us. The God of love, the God that is love, and the God that also rules with righteous judgment and will soon judge this world with fire! And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. So God spoke to Noah, build an Ark so that you and your family will be saved from the coming onslaught of flooding waters that will eventually cover and flood the earth, thus, wiping out all that remained on earth. The world began to be populated once again, and once again, evil began to take centre stage throughout the world. God spoke to Abraham, and told him to take his family and all he had and leave this land. God instructed Abraham that he was going to sojourn while on his way to the promised land that God said He had for Abraham and his people. Eventually the torch was passed on to Isaac and to Jacob. Evil was all around, and throughout their generations, they couldn’t escape all the evil that permeated throughout their desires in which they continually fell prey to disobedience and idolatry. Jacob, now called Israel, for God calls him by this name, had sons that would become the future tribes of Israel and Judah, and the older brothers had sold Joseph to Egypt, for their heart was filled with hatred and jealousy. As time passed, and Joseph became the third in command in all of Egypt, he called his brothers and father and all their families to come live in Egypt. Eventually, the Jews would become slaves and would cry out to God to save them. Moses would come on the scene and become the one to take God’s people out of Egypt. God sent Moses to tell Pharaoh to “Let My people go”. After many plagues and miracles that beset Pharaoh and the land of Egypt, Pharaoh acquiesced and Moses finally led the people out of Egypt. They were to begin their sojourn to the promised land, the land filled with milk and honey. But soon after they had left Egypt and while they were travelling, they kept complaining and becoming rebellious and disobedient. Along the way, God destroyed thousands of His people for complaining, for rebelling, for their unbelief, for their Idolatry, for their disobedience and many other transgressions against God. Ultimately, this generation would die out after forty years in the wilderness and would never see the promised land for all their transgressions committed before God. Moses himself would only be able to see the promised land from afar from on top of the mountain where he would die and where God Himself would bury him. From this time that Joshua and Caleb would lead the people to the promised land and to the time that Babylon would come and destroy Jerusalem, the people kept disobeying God, and continuing in their idolatries of other gods and involve themselves in the wicked ways of the other nations that they would get involved with. Evil, disobedience and transgressions against God would continue off and on until God finally was fed up with their continual transgressions of disobedience and idolatries against God. Babylon was called to destroy the people and Jerusalem, in which many Jews were killed by the sword, many fled in the dispersion that saw them flee to other nations of the world. Others that were caught, were taken to Babylon and became slaves, which lasted for seventy years. The people would cry out to God to save them. And finally, after the seventy years were up, God called them out of Babylon to come home to Jerusalem to rebuild the city and rebuild the tabernacle of God. The remnant of the dispersion were also called to come back to Jerusalem. Of course, the people would soon become disobedient and rebellious as before. This ushered the time of the new covenant that was to begin with the entrance of Jesus the Christ! Evil and corruption was pervasive throughout the land. God’s people would soon be confronted with the fulfillment of prophecy of the coming of the Messiah. Once Jesus made Himself known, many Jews rejected Jesus, although many others accepted Him. Jesus would open up His salvation to all the world, to all the nations of the world. Prophecy again was being fulfilled. Jesus began making disciples of His followers, and began showing the mighty works of God. Evil prevailed and Jesus was crucified. However, Jesus rose on the third day as another prophecy was completed and fulfilled. He sent His commissioned apostles to go to all the world and make disciples of all the nations. So now, here we are, in a world filled with evil, hatred, corruption, avarice, rebellion, disobedience, idolatry and just plain sin. But, we have a way out of this evil world and a new world that is awaiting those that become born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, one with Jesus, and abiding in truth, in holiness, in righteousness, being justified and sanctified by God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour! Just continue in His commandments of loving God with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your mind, and with all your strength, and love others as you love yourself, and keep yourself free from the dominion of sin and endure to the end and you shall be saved! Now who wouldn’t want this over the other option of living the rest of your life dead and lifeless here on earth and then living through torment in hell for eternity? I am so blessed to have answered the call from God to finally commit myself to being obedient and serving God in His will the rest of my life and having eternal life with Jesus forever and ever Amen! The whole point here is, God showed that He will punish and destroy His people for their unbelief, their rebellious disobedience to His Word, and His commandments. God will also mete out judgment and punishment to all those who don’t believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ and act upon His Word. And to those of you that are just going through the motions, which means that you probably don’t have the Holy Spirit of Christ dwelling in you, and you dwelling in Him, you don’t want to end up being those people who say to the Lord Jesus on that Day, “Lord, Lord, didn’t we cast out demons in your name, didn’t we prophesy in your name, and didn’t we do many wonderful works in your name,” and the Lord Jesus will profess unto them, “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Look, Listen, this is a serious life changing decision that we all must take serious and do all that the Word of God commands us to do, and not just go through some half-hearted motion of living your life as you put forth the minimum effort to execute the Word of God in your life! Search the Word of God, pray for understanding, for knowledge, for wisdom, and for truth! And pray for revelation to the Lord God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour! Pray to God that He gives you His promise of the Holy Spirit that will guide you in all Truth! The Holy Spirit is the second part of Jesus’ command of being born again! The Holy Spirit is our seal of salvation! How do you know that you will be saved, by the Holy Spirit that is dwelling inside you and you abiding in Christ! This is done by you committing yourself in doing all that God has commanded us to do in His Word. By keeping His commandments, as God Himself said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” By praying daily, by reading God’s Word daily, by living like Jesus Christ lived. Yes, by perfecting yourself in the Word of God, by dying to yourself daily, by taking up His cross daily. You see, living for God as a Christian and emulating Jesus is no half-hearted way. You must eliminate those things of the world that keep you separated from God, whatever that might be? If something of this world requires your attention before Jesus, then in all reality that becomes your idol? Whatever takes your time and effort before God, becomes your idol? You have to be all in with Jesus and committed to His Word. There is no such thing as living in the middle, which to the Lord is being lukewarm in which God will spew you out of His mouth along with all those that are terminally cold with unbelief. You have to be like the pig and not the chicken in a ‘bacon and egg’ breakfast! You see, the chicken just contributes the eggs every now and then and really does nothing more than that, while the pig actually committed himself by giving you his bacon! Why wouldn’t anyone want to do all that one could for Jesus and God the Father since Jesus gave himself for us by laying down His life for our sins and for the hope of eternal life!? There is nothing in this world that I truly want more than having eternal life as opposed to hell?! Wherever your effort is, your focus, your desires, your wants, that is where your heart is. God wants our hearts, our souls, our minds, our strength in loving Him every day!