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When reading and praying and studying the Word of God, (the Bible) we must exercise common sense and logical reasoning within the parameters of the context. For example, we’ll address one of the most common and popular questions many people ask and wonder about? That being, “Where did all the different types, races, ethnicities, of people come from?”   A very valid question, and one I believe I can answer. I believe I can offer a valid answer based on using common sense and logical reasoning with which the Almighty God gave us. Since Adam and up to the time of when the Tower of Babel was to be built, there was one common race of people, with one common language. We know that once the people were starting to erect the Tower, God confounded their language. Genesis 11:1-9 “Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.” At that same instant, that same moment, I believe God also changed their physical appearance to fit the language that was given them, to all the different races of people that we have. Of course there isn’t any Scripture for this, nor is there any Scriptural evidence, but I do believe that that is exactly what occurred. Why not? Why couldn’t it happen that way? Is there any other legitimate logical scenario for how we have all the different races of people? This isn’t a life or death thing to affect our salvation I believe, but it is a cool thing to kind of think about those things that God didn’t explicitly say or simply left out? Well, I was going to end here, but I just had this thought so I will throw the proverbial curveball here: At least this makes sense to me than those illogical evolutionists that believe and put their trust and faith into the big bang theory and how life began with some organism in the water and then sprouted limbs and millions of years later barely made it to shore to finally breathe air that just happens to be the perfect mixture to sustain life, and then millions of years later, eyes came, more years go by and ears pop out and millions of more years, somehow it becomes a monkey, and then some million more years later…..? hmm? Anyway, I’m sticking to the truth that God created everything. Yes, the truth, because I have experienced the Spirit of God inside of me, that no one can ever deny that I have experienced something real, something supernatural, something that has confirmed my belief and faith that there is a God, and His name is Jesus!   All praise and Glory to God our Father and LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ!