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A question to the Jews, Israelites, Israelis, remnants who are currently residing in Israel: Are you still waiting and looking for the coming arrival of the Messiah?   If so, what and who are you looking for? If not, why not?

Old Testament (Torah) prophets were prophesying of the coming Messiah, and during that time and up to the time Jesus came, the people of Israel, the Jews, the Israelites, were looking for and waiting for the promise of the prophecy of the coming Messiah! All the prophecy and description of Jesus, came true. Yet, the majority of Israel did not believe and accept Jesus as that coming Messiah. Okay, my question is, where are all the remnants of Israel that are looking for the Messiah to come? I hear absolutely nothing about the people (Israel) looking for and anticipating the arrival of the coming Messiah. So, if it isn’t Jesus, and it’s been two thousand years now, where is the Messiah? When is the Messiah suppose to appear? After all, the descriptive prophecies about the Messiah not only came true, but came true as it was described, and prophesied of how and what was going to take place? Then you have the New Testament, which corroborates the prophesies with the Old Testament, the Torah, to the exact description! No other book even comes close to anything like what the New Testament says about the coming Messiah, which is Jesus Christ! Since the New Testament is attached to the Old Testament, and no other book is even in the same universe with the Bible, it would make entirely good common sense and even logical sense that the New Testament is an extension of the Old Testament, since the New Testament refers to the Old Testament so often and matches up with many Scriptures! So, my last obvious question is, isn’t it obvious now that the Messiah after all is: JESUS !!! What are you waiting for?! Come to Jesus for salvation before it is too late!

If you remember, it was prophesied that the coming Messiah would be called, Immanuel, (God with us), and Jesus is the only one that claimed to be the Son of God! All truth and events point to Jesus! No other ever did what Jesus did! The evidence is there, is here, is in the writings of the Bible, the Word of God!

All praise and glory to God our Father and our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ!