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Where do you get fed the Word of God? Church? Home? Work? School? …? How do you know that when you are hearing the Word, that it is indeed The Word of God? Do you take for granted what your pastor says? Do you take for granted what you have heard from childhood? What do you use to verify and confirm what you have heard and what you have believed to be the Truth of the Word of God, is indeed actually the Truth? Your best ammunition in your arsenal is the Actual Word of God which is contained in “The Bible”! The Holy Bible! The actual Truth of God’s Word is in there! Do you read it to confirm that what you have heard is the actual Truth? The Holy Bible, consisting of the Word of God is where you are going to receive the Truth of God’s Word, through prayer and by the Holy Spirit. Not from man, who can be deceived! Not from the Pope! Not from some Priest! But directly from God Himself! Pray to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ that He reveals to you the Truth of His Word! Reading God’s Word and praying and receiving the Truth from the Holy Spirit which will guide you to All Truth, is the road that you ought to be on! Don’t detour by not wearing your Word of God with you to church, or for that matter, anytime you step out from your house. You should never leave home without it! You should never go anywhere without it! In fact, you are completely naked if you don’t have the proper Armour of God’s Word wrapped around you! Don’t go out naked, wear the proper Armour, The Word of God should be draped around you at all times!

What do you have in your arsenal?

All praise and glory to God our Father and to our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Pray For Revelation!