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Is it possible for someone to have, and know the truth of some of God’s Word, yet preach and spread false doctrine in other area’s of God’s Word?  I believe it is possible.  That’s why we must constantly pray to God our Father in the name of Jesus Christ our LORD and Saviour in seeking for the truth of His Word!  We must let the Holy Spirit guide us to all Truth, not become a lazy boy chair and rely on what man says about certain topics regarding the Word of God! Did you receive the revelation of the Truth from the Holy Spirit or from man to man as they continually spread false doctrine? Some are definitely false preachers, preaching false doctrine, while others may be regurgitating false doctrine unknowingly from what they hear from other men, but nevertheless, spreading false doctrine which could lead down the wrong path, that path being hell! So whether on purpose, or ignorance, one must make sure that they are preaching the Truth of God’s Word!  Pray to Jesus Christ, and seek for the Truth of God’s Word…Pray for the Truth!  Don’t keep passing along false doctrine from men to men as has been the case throughout history, thus the myriad of false Christian denominations! We as children of God must have the mind of Christ, one mind, one Truth, in one accord abiding in Christ!  Is Christ abiding in you?