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Paul’s Thorn
What was the ‘thorn in Paul’s side’? Some believe he had an eye issue, some believe he may have had some bodily deformity?  Others say he may have had been stuck with a ‘fishhook’? I believe Paul’s thorn is no different than any one of ours?  We all have committed some serious sins in our past, some worse than others, depending on our individual outlook of levels of sins being worse than others? I know I am burdened with my past sins that I’ve committed that ultimately damaged my family, and I’m still in the process of cleaning up the mess and mending the wounds. No doubt God has forgiven me, and even better that God has forgotten them. However, being human, we all know how difficult it is to forget our own past injustices. Forget about those that won’t forgive, but how hard it is for those that have forgiven, but haven’t forgotten? Although God forgets our past transgressions, we humans battle the ‘forgetting’ part to an almost astronomical proportion of constantly being reminded of them. So with Paul, I’m sure he had to battle those same feelings and thoughts that we experience, the (unforgetting) part? With this being said, how difficult it would have been for Paul to forget his persecutions of Christians, all in the name of God?  Sure he was ultimately forgiven, and given an elite position of being an apostle and being entrusted with spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  That burden must have haunted him throughout his journey, especially being crowned the ultimate apostle of all? Can you imagine going around preaching Jesus when you were persecuting those same Christians to various degrees of punishments, even unto death?  I have to carry one of my ultimate sins with me even though I’ve been forgiven, but it is not forgotten, whether by me or others!  How worse is persecuting Christians even unto death going to be when you have been entrusted with God’s golden Words of Truth in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
What do you all think?
All praise and glory to God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour!