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I draw your attention to where your heart is. To where your mind is. To where your sight is. To where your intent is. Are you where you want to be spiritually? Are you where you need to be spiritually? Are you where you should be? Is your heart right with God? If not, why? Only you can answer these questions, as you yourself can only reach way down to the core of your heart and stir up what is lacking within you? Are you being convicted by the Word? Are you reading the Word? Are you listening to the Word?

As a matter of pointing out the obvious, who are you listening to? Is that preacher you’re listening to, whether in church, or on TV, preaching the Gospel, the Word of God? Or are they preaching a standup comic routine? Are they a comedian, just trying to be funny, making everyone laugh while throwing in a few Scriptural words here and there mixed in with a bunch of one-liners intent on making everyone laugh and feel good, thus making that person popular?

Are these preachers simply telling a story, a story full of embellishing words that colourise and diminsih the convicting context of the Word of God so as not to offend or make one uneasy? I implore you to question yourself and examine what you want in leading a Christian life, want you want and need in achieving and accomplishing your place and position in the body of Christ?

Do you want to be massaged, coddled, and pampered into feeling good about yourself and life or do you want the Truth preached to you that will lead you to a more joyful, abundant and fulfilling walk with Christ than ever before? We must not settle for less. We must not settle for what just any man will deliver to God’s chosen people! Know who is leading you and pray that what you know and what you are listening to is the Truth? Pray to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ for understanding, for meaning and for revelation of God’s Word! You cannot go wrong that way. Don’t rely on man’s deceived interpretation that has long been detrimental to many who falsely believe in man.

All praise and glory to God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour!